5 Sure Ways To Get Organized


A few years into my marriage, I began to realize that I needed to be more organized in my home. My first step to this peace of mind was through FlyLady. She really moved my heart to rethink my home organization. So today I am sharing 5 sure ways to get organized.

1. Declutter. You’ve heard it many times and I can’t stress it enough. Decluttering is the first and most important step to an organized home and life. Getting rid of things you don’t need or use is going to give you more space and breathing room to really organize your home. When we moved into our now home, I decluttered like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t want anything unnecessary going with us. Now it doesn’t take a move to declutter. Just start in one room and review it carefully. What can stay and what needs to go?

2. Containers. I am a huge fan of containers to help organize. Since they come in so many styles and sizes, they are versatile. I use pretty wooden baskets in my bathroom to organize our necessities. In our pantry, I have several cooking items in BPA-free containers. Of course, most of our shed things are in big plastic containers. However, you can use mason jars for crafts items or cooking items like chocolate chips, baskets for towels or toys, or stacked crates for a bookshelf. You get the picture. Just find what will work and use it to store items in a nice and neat manner.

3. Labels. All those containers I mentioned earlier have labels. Labels are a much needed way to know what is in those containers as well as cabinets and drawers. And you can make or buy pretty labels to fit your home decor and style. Even using a permanent marker to label is a great option. However works for you, label so you know where everything goes.

4. Grouping. Okay…so this step is important in making sure your items are in the right place. For instance, keeping all your spices in one cabinet or drawer in your kitchen or keeping all paperwork in one cabinet or container. Filing cabinets work great here. How about putting all your crafting items in one closet or room? Maybe husband’s tools need to be grouped into one area in the garage so he can easily find what he is looking for? Think about the layout of each room and what you keep in it. Does everything in there belong together? Do you need to move things around so they are grouped better?

5. 5 Minute Room Pick-Up. Now that you’ve worked hard to get things organized, let’s keep it that way. Make an effort to do a daily 5 minute room pick up to put everything back in its place. I got my children involved in this and we made it fun. Usually before dinner and before dad got home, we would go around and pick up, putting each item back where it goes. It wasn’t perfect but it was neater and most things made it back to its home. If anything got missed, I had a basket I would throw it into and do later- preferably before bed but in the morning for sure. I would just carry the basket with me as I delivered everything to its rightful place.

Remember organizing does take patience and consistency. Do a little at time. Give yourself grace. If you are unsure about what direction to go as you start organizing your home, do a Google search of images on home organization. See what others have done to organize their homes. Be inspired! There is much peace and less chaos in an organized home.

How have you worked towards having a more organized home? Share your tips.




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    Love these ideas. So simple but so good. When very messes spaces overwhelm me, I play cleaning ‘games’ to help me. Like clean by number – pick a number and put that many things away etc.
    Lizzy recently posted…Blooming Sunshine

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    hi naomi, nice to meet you. i’m your next door neighbor at Fellowship Friday:) i enjoyed your post today. great ideas for getting organized! hope to meet you again soon someday.
    martha brady recently posted…BLOOMING…

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