5 Sure Ways To A Stress-Free Homeschool

 5 Sure Ways To A Stress-Free Homeschool | What Joy Is Mine

Homeschooling your children can be overwhelming. In feeling overwhelmed, it can cause you to rethink why you do it? If God has called you to it, you can bet He will provide all you need to be successful at it. I am at the end of our homeschool journey and I wanted to share 5 sure ways to have a stress-free homeschool. This is what has worked for our family through the years and helped us have JOY in our homeschooling years.

1. Be prepared and organized. This can’t be stressed enough. If you try to wing it, you will find it more frustrating than productive. So, be prepared. Know what you are going to do and when you’re going to do in your day. Make a schedule and stick with it as best you can. I know things will come up but if you have a schedule, you can pick up where you left off or jump ahead a bit in your day and finish up. Also, if you are organized and know where everything is, you will find this will help in keeping stress at bay as well. I promise you that being prepared will eliminate so much stress in your schooling agenda.

2. Take breaks. This is just as needed as a schedule. Plan snack times, nap times and play periods in your homeschooling day. If the weather permits it, go outside and let the children run around. Breaks will encourage better productivity and make school fun. Your children won’t think its all about books but about fun, too. You will enjoy the break, as well, mama. The brain does need rest, too.

3. Plan a read aloud time. This could be a break time or just make it a part of your schooling schedule. It’s a good way to snuggle up with your children giving everyone a break from their studies. Our children always looked forward to read aloud time especially when we moved onto chapter books. Sometimes, they would color while I read. Other times they just listened.

4. Make it fun. School should be inviting and adding some fun does aid with that. If your children find it appealing, it makes teaching them so much easier and stress-free. You can add in some hands on activities like coloring, art and science projects, scavenger hunts, and plays they can act out. How about having a music day, movie day, or pajamas day? And don’t forget to schedule in field trips once in a while.

5. Keep it all in prayer. We homeschool because the Lord called us to it so what better way to protect it from stress than to go to the Lord about all concerns. Pray over your teaching abilities, your children’s heart in learning and how it should look for your family dynamics. God is faithful and will answer your prayers for a stress-free school.

Homeschooling our children can be stress-free and we can have a hand in that by doing the five things listed above. Stress will only make us impatient, irritable and cause us to teach with a short fuse which benefits neither us nor our students. Instead, seek to keep it free of things or situations that can cause it to be stressful.

How do you keep your homeschool stress-free?


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    Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! I tried to do it with my oldest who is not 24 and it tested my patience like nothing else! I do remember that making it interesting and finding support from other HS moms were my biggest challenges. There weren’t the networks that there are now, although there were some if you did some hunting. I love that you mention prayer being a staple of homeschooling, Naomi. It definitely has to be driven and sustained by the Lord. Kudos to you and the other homeschooling moms for persevering and sacrificing. What a great gift you give your children!

    • says

      Beth…Thank you for the support. And yes, homeschooling can be challenging but I have found that through prayer and God’s strength it can be a rewarding time with your children. Thank you for sharing. :-)

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