5 Ways to Stick With Getting Fit & Healthy

Did you make a new year’s resolution to get fit and eat healthier? When we start off, we are so eager and motivated.  We plan it all out and get going. Usually by spring we are losing a little steam but we are still trying to hang in there. However, when summer rolls around, we see our train coming to a complete stop. It’s very common. Yet we don’t have to let that be the way of it. For me, I am usually more motivated in the summer. Let me share with you five ways I stick with getting fit and healthy.

5 Ways to Stick With Getting Fit and Healthy | What Joy Is Mine

1. New Exercises. Whatever I started with in the winter, I sometimes change in the summer. I still do my walking videos but I might purchase (or borrow) a new video to reignite my motivation. This year I added the game of tennis to my outdoor activities and I do it with my family. Fun! If you go to a gym, try a different class. Changing it up will create new challenges and make you excited about working out again.

2. Set A New Goal. So, hopefully, by summer I’ve made progress with my goal set back in January. If so, I make a new goal. At the moment, I want to be more toned so I have increased my strength training regimen. Stronger muscles equals increased metabolism which wanes with age. If I haven’t reached my goal, I reevaluate what I’m doing and make the necessary changes in my workout then set a new goal to reach.

3. Enjoy Fresh Foods. Summer through fall provides much fresh veggies and fruits. Eating healthy is definitely easier when you have so much fresh produce to choose from. I look up recipes that are summer friendly and contain fresh veggies and fruits. Taste of Home’s Market Fresh Cookbook is one of my favorite books to use during summer and fall. Fresh, tasty and healthy recipes to encourage my journey of eating healthy. You can also peruse the internet for recipes as well.

4. Give Myself Grace. There are just some days I can’t get a workout in. Grace. Or I am not motivated to do so. Grace. And sometimes I just want to eat a cupcake with buttercream icing. Grace. I can be hard on myself when I miss my workout or eat something I shouldn’t but I remind myself it’s okay. It really is okay. If we deprive ourselves of treats we like or beat ourselves up about not squeezing in some exercise, it will make us feel defeated. NO! Give yourself grace.

5. Pray. I pray for God’s strength to help me stay diligent in my exercise agenda and food choices. He gave me this temple I reside in and I believe He will give me what I need to take care of it. I desire to be a good steward by making wise choices concerning my health. It’s about being healthy and strong. I struggle like anyone else might so I know I need to be in prayer over this journey.


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      Heather…I believe if we change it up season to season, a new motivation will take place and that’s a good thing. I hope you give it a try. Thank you for visiting.

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    I linked up pretty late last night and left your tab open so I would be sure to read your post this morning. I loved it!! I exercise almost every single day. I don’t usually give myself too much grace anymore than I would not give myself grace in missing my Quiet Time. If I give myself grace, my body will go into rigomortis and stiffen up ;-) !! Seriously, it boots my mood and uplifts my spirit, it keep arthritis at bay, it activates my sluggish metabolism and helps me keep the pounds off that I lost 4 years ago. My problem is that I give myself too much grace when it comes to chocolate. I am changing that because I really do not want to become diabetic. I rarely buy chocolate but snitching chocolate chips can be just as addicting and sabotages the diligence in working out. I also use videos (we have no tread mill….but I can take a walk, right?) for working out and they are wonderful. Just 15-20 minutes a day and longer once a week is good. I got walking videos just last week and so I have enjoyed changing up my routine. I did LOVE your post!! Have a sweet day and enjoy your children and hubby.
    Judith @WholeHeartedHome recently posted…Looking Ahead: Cleaning an Empty Nest

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      Judith…Like you, I prefer to stick to my plan however life does happen and I can’t always do that. It’s a reminder for me that God decides my day. :-) I do love that you see the benefits of keeping fit and strong. God gave us one body right? I, too, love chocolate and I do keep it in the house. I buy certain ones that are preportioned out so I don’t eat too much. Then, I tell myself that “God willing, I will get to enjoy this treat again at another time” and that helps me say no to more. I think at least you know your weakness so its easier to address than being in denial. :-) Always blessed when you stop by sweet friend.

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    These are great tips, Naomi. I’m at the place where the same workout is starting to discourage me, so I’m working to change it up a bit. It really helps! I especially appreciate the reminder to give ourselves grace, too. Sometimes we expect way too much of ourselves. All we can do is our best–and sometimes that involves giving ourselves a break. Thank you so much for this! Enjoy your day. Janet Reeves
    Janet recently posted…Evidence

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      Janet….You’re right about the grace. I have learned it helps me appreciate where I am and not be hard on myself. And changing it up does help. I’m glad you are staying motivated. Thank you for your kind words today.

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    This is excellent, Naomi! We totally need to give ourselves grace because we can beat ourselves up and defeat our purpose!

    I like to change my exercise routine up too. For example, Saturday morning I did Zumba. I have been walking on my treadmill for my exercise but switched it up that day. But many months ago I was doing Zumba for my main exercise. I kind of go in spurts, lol!

    I started a private facebook group awhile ago and invited several friends who I knew were trying to get serious about diet and/or exercise. We encourage one another and write down what we ate that day for accountability. Last week we all slacked off a bit, so I’ve got to get back on track tomorrow. Thanks for hosting!
    momstheword recently posted…What Will Your Children Remember? & MYHSM Linky Party

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      Nan….I haven’t used my treadmill in ages. As a matter of fact, we are considering selling it since it sits unused. I mostly do workout videos or walk outside. Change does encourage us to keep on. I have never done Zumba but alot of people like it. May have to look into it. I think we all need some kind of accountability and encouragement when trying to get fit and stay there. Your group sounds wonderful! So glad you stopped by friend. Have a blessed week.

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