Diving Into the Word of God Using 6 Easy Steps

Diving Into the Word of God Using 6 Easy Steps | What Joy Is Mine

It’s a new year with new opportunities to grow in our faith. Although we can start at any time, there is something motivating about doing it at the beginning of the year. It’s a like a new start. We, sometimes, need new starts, right? Well, let’s discuss how we can take our new year and grow in the knowledge of God’s commandments by diving into His Word in 6 easy steps.

Diving into the Word of God encourages us to love it all the more. We are reminded it is the inerrant and infallible words spoken by our Father. Reading it daily and digging deep gives us a better understanding of God, who He is and what’s expected of us by Him.

Diving into the Word, or studying the Bible, is not something we do just because. We do it with intentional purpose. We plunge into the words written by our supreme Lord intending to come away with wisdom only He can give that will help us live for His glory and for our greater good. “My son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments, for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you.(Proverbs 3:1-2)

Here are six ways we can dive into the Word of God intentionally

1. Make the appointment. We need to pray and ask the Lord to show us when to meet with Him. It may not be the same for you as for another person. Once we know when, we make that appointment and stick to it daily.

2. Bring your supplies. That would be our Bible, a notebook, pen and receptive heart. Simple and sweet. We won’t need more than that to begin this diving in of God’s Word.

3. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Before we begin reading, we need to ask for discernment of what He has led us to read. He is faithful and we need to seek Him in all things, especially when we read the Bible and study it.

4. Read thoroughly and completely. Make it a habit to read through the entire section completely. It would benefit us even more to read the before and after sections as well. This will give us a bigger and better picture of what is being taught.

5. Take notes and make notes. After we have read it through once, we go back through and read it again, this time taking notes as we are moved. After we have written those down, we need to go back and make notes on what we have read. This may include definitions of certain words, researching commentaries, and logging other scripture references.

6. Express thankfulness. After we have finished, we need to go to the Lord and thank Him for that time with Him and His Word. Thank Him for wisdom gained and for meeting with us.

These 6 simple steps will help us have a deeper and more intimate time with our Lord. It is the approach I personally take when doing a study in God’s Word. I do come away with greater understanding for God is faithful.

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    Thank you Naomi. I had printed out a New Year post you wrote a couple of years ago and reviewed it with my Sunday School class this past Sunday. I appreciate these nuggets of wisdom you bring us from God’s word. thank you. ~ Abby

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      Abby…I am glad to hear that what the Lord lays on my heart can reach others for His glory. He is a good God. Always love having stop by my friend. Blessings. :-)

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