Homeschooling is one the best gift the Lord has ever given us. To stay home with my children and teach them is amazing calling. Honestly, I never thought much about it as I grew up and desired to have a family. But after marriage, I began to learn more about this homeschooling. When my oldest was 3 years old, I knew God was calling us to home educate our son and I’ve been doing it ever since. At the moment, I am down to my last child and she is a 10th grader in our little homeschool. I enjoy every minute with teaching her.

So, here I will share all my blog posts on homeschooling making it easier to get to them. I will also pass on other information you might find important or interesting. It is a page in progress so check back often.

Books To Encourage
Honey For A Child’s Heart (Gladys Hunt) A great book to help you choose the right books for your child to read.
The Christian Homeschool (Gregg Harris)
My Posts
Our Little Homeschool
We Homeschool Because
Homeschooling Through the Holidays
Homeschooling With Lapbooks
Homeschooling on Vacation
Teach Your Daughters: Homestead Blessings DVDs
Homeschool: Monthly Themes of Study
History Course Review
Field Trip Posts
Caves, Some Ice Cream and Friends
Balloon Chasing
Home Educating Helps
(This will include school ideas like crafts, projects, free printables, etc.)
Alphabet Rainbow Bean Bags
Starting Seeds Indoors
Learning At The Zoo (Free printables)
The Holy Spirit and His Fruits Lesson (Free Printable)
Johnnie’s Math Page (Online Math Manipulative)
Precious Projects 
(Projects for Mothers to do to treasure their children.)
Embroidered Hand Prints
Curriculum Sites
Vision Forum
Rainbow Resources
In the Hands of a Child
FREE Homeschool Deals
The Crafty Classroom
Blogs, Homeschooling Encouragement from other Moms
Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling


The Ultimate Homeschool Blogroll

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