Monday’s Musings #169 & Before Bedtime Routine

Before Bedtime Routine and Why I have One | What Joy Is Mine

So, here’s the thing. Without a before bedtime routine, my day doesn’t start off as smoothly as I desire or need it to. One of the best things I do for myself and my family is be ready to face the day with energy, readiness and JOY! This is accomplished by sticking to my before bedtime routine which I first heard of doing through several years ago.

Now my routine has changed over the years to fit the season we’re in as a family but for the most part the basics have remained the same. At this time, I am working through Crystal Paine’s 14-day online course: Making Over Your Mornings. (If you haven’t heard about it, check it out HERE.) Day 2 of this course, like Flylady, stresses the importance of a before bedtime routine to encourage a much more smooth running morning. I agree! I have found I am better prepared with a better attitude when I stick to my nightly routine.

Do you want to know what my routine looks like? Here you go!

1. Make sure our kitchen is clean and no dishes are sitting by the sink. My family helps with this agenda. There’s nothing like waking up to shiny sink and clean kitchen. Seriously!

2. Take care of me. Wash my face early on in the evening & get into my jammies or comfy home clothes for the evening. Right before bed I brush my teeth & remove my contacts then snuggle in for the night.

3. Prepare my ice water, read and pray. I keep ice water by my bedside and try to read before closing my eyes. Reading is calming and helps me fall asleep relaxed. I also say a little prayer.

4. Aim to be in bed by my set bedtime. I operate better with a good night’s sleep. I function more productively with at least 7 hours of sleep so that’s my aim. If I don’t get my 7 hours, I at least have done the other three steps of my routine which still encourages a better rise and shine.

Keep in mind our children are grown and get ready for bed on their own so this season of life finds my routine different than when they were little. However, two of them still live at home so our lives are still full. I need to be on my game to maintain our schedules and get accomplished what I need and want to get done. That means my before bedtime routine must give my day a good head start.

I believe a before bedtime routine is a necessity to encouraging energy and a good attitude for a new day. For me, it has worked successfully when I am sticking to it. And if I don’t stick to it, for whatever reason, I find I am not on my best game as I begin my day. So, do you have a before bedtime routine?

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    Thank you for the encouragement to have a night time routine. I like the kitchen tidy and then a bit of knitting or blogging and then bed by 9:30pm. I like to read so lights off by at least 10:30pm. Thanks for hosting this great link up also and for sharing all this with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings
    Terri Presser recently posted…BOUQUET BIRTHDAY CAKE

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    My night routine includes washing the dishes, and also filling up the Brita filter to make sure I can have a glass of water in the morning. I’m doing Make Over Your Mornings and it has made such a big difference! I’m glad it’s working for you too!

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    Hello! I really like your morning routine! I always feel better when my kitchen sink is clear too! :) I’m slightly new to your linkup – I’ve been searching for Christian link parties where I can make new friends and share my Christian posts to a more accepting audience. General link parties are usually of no value as far as blog traffic goes. And I hardly ever make good relationships. Anyway, I’m glad to have found you! If you’re interested I’ve begun a Christian Bloggers Reciprocation Group on FB meant to find new friends & gain more blog traffic – -Have a great day!
    Danielle recently posted…5 Things Successful Bloggers Do Every Day!

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    LOVE this! I am actually usually good at getting going in the morning (when I am not 37 weeks pregnant ;))… but these nightly pointers will keep me on track in the evening!
    Stasia recently posted…37 Weeks…

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