Monday’s Musings #170 & Taking Better Photos of Your Family

As a photographer, I am always learning. I fell in love with photography at the young age of 14. My first camera was a 110 with a flash cube? Remember those? Since then, I have owned a few different cameras, have always read about photography and practiced what I learned. That’s how one grows and gets better, right?

Although I photograph other people (my clients), my favorite time to shoot photos is when my family is just being themselves. Like hanging around the house, spending time together on vacations, laughing and goofing off, and recording our homeschool journey. It’s the best time to capture who they are! So, I ask you: do you desire to take better photos of your family? Listen to what I have to share with you today.

If you desire to take better pictures of your family, I have good news for you! My friends Ryan and Steph at Ultimate Bundles have put together an incredible product to help with your photography woes. It’s called The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Beginner’s Edition), and it contains a curated collection of ebooks and video training guides to help you become a better photographer.

All the resources have been provided by professional, world-renowned photographers who are experts in teaching others – even complete beginners. You won’t need to switch up to a more expensive camera to make full use of the bundle (even if you just use your iPhone for photographs), and you don’t need to neglect your family for weeks upon weeks of training! You can learn everything in little chunks – whenever you have a spare moment.

Here’s a complete list of the books included in the beginner’s edition of The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle:


There’s even better news! Everything in the bundle has a combined total value of $555, but for this week only, The Ultimate Bundles Team is selling the entire bundle for just $37 – a discount of more than 90%! What’s more, they’re also throwing in a FREE copy of FX Photo Studio Pro software from MacPhun (which provides stunning filters and photography effects) worth $29.99!

Click here to buy The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Beginner’s Edition) for just $37.

Now, let’s share our favorite posts this week. So glad to have you here. Truly.


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    Naomi, thank you for sharing these resources. I love candid shots of my family. Posing feels so unnatural. A great idea to be ready to capture everyday happenings.
    Thanks again.

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    Good morning. Thanks for hosting another great party. We love your blog and just wanted to say keep up the great work.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Denise W. & Aubrie B.

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    Oh! I know I’m not ready to read entire books about taking pictures of my family, but they could definitely use improvement. I’ve found that one of the best ways to catch my daughter, is to have her turn away from me and then turn back and snap the pic. Otherwise she has that fake-smile thing going on. I know it’s probably not professional, but it’s been working. Blessings to you and thank you for hosting Monday’s Musings.
    Janet recently posted…The Strongest Thing

    • says

      Janet…Try to catching her doing something she loves like playing, reading or even resting. These are natural shots that hold a lot of weight in capturing the moment. She doesn’t always have to pose for you. And this way, you will capture her natural smile, expression, etc. :-) Happy clicking and thank you for stopping by. :-)

    • says

      Tayrina…So happy to have you visit. It is a great deal especially if someone wants to grow in their photo-taking skills. I love that you can take your time and work through the resources given. Keep your camera with you so you can always be ready to capture the moment. :-)

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    I am in awe of you and all photographers, because I either forget my camera — or forget to take pictures even though I brought the camera. Blogging has helped to make me more intentional about documenting things. Thanks for your hospitality on this Monday morning.
    Michele Morin recently posted…Creativity and Fun in Your Pocket

    • says

      Michele…My mother-in-law does the same as you. ;-) I would suggest getting a pretty bag to keep your camera in and always where you see it to encourage you to be intentional in your picture taking. Just takes a little training of the brain. :-) Grateful to have you stop by today.

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