Monday’s Musings #171 & Why Rising Early Will Bless You

Why Rising Early Will Bless You | What Joy Is Mine

They say “the early bird gets the worm.” I agree there is more success to be had by rising early. Several years ago, a friend of mine shared about how reading this one book changed how she approached her day and found more time to accomplish her tasks. I was intrigued so I bought that same book and read it in a week. It also had the same affect on me and I went on this journey to change how I started my day. By the way, the name of that book is Shopping For Time and I highly recommend it

As I am making way through Making Over Your Mornings online course, Day 4 covered this same agenda of rising early and starting your day before your family awakes. Immediately, I thought back to when I first encountered this idea of rising early and starting my day ready to go. It worked then and I still try to stick to this idea. I know from experience that rising early does bless me and I pass that blessing onto my family. When I don’t stick to this plan of action of waking early, I do see a not-so-good difference in my productivity and attitude.

Jesus was the perfect example of rising early in Mark 1:35, “And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.” Jesus knew the importance of that quiet time with God to begin the day.

Today, my mornings usually consist of a 3-mile aerobic workout plus strengthening, shower & get ready, Bible study & prayer time and a good breakfast. When I stick to this and follow through with it, I am mentally and spiritually prepared for my day and family.

So, do you rise early and get ahead start on your day? Do you find it productive?

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I hope you had a wonderful week and will be sharing some awesome posts!


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  1. says

    It does make such a difference, doesn’t it?
    I like to get up before my kids (which is easy to do in the summertime…) Having that time to focus on my Bible reading, spending a few min. chatting with my husband, writing, and focusing on planning for the day–makes a world of difference in how the rest of my day evolves.
    This is my first time visiting you here. Lovely site you have. :)
    ~ Best to you ~
    Brenda recently posted…Alone in a Crowd

  2. says

    Hi, Naomi! I need to listen better to your advice…I love to be productive and I’m so much more so when I go to bed early and rise early, but it is only accomplished about 50% of the time. I am learning, though, and love those days when it happens! Good incentive…and I have more time in the Word!
    Blessings and thanks for hosting today!
    Jacqueline @ recently posted…Medy’s Avocado Ice Cream

    • says

      Jacqueline… I find I am more productive with an early morning as well. I am so glad you stopped by and shared my friend. Have a blessed weekend. :-)

  3. says

    I love getting up early! It’s my favorite time of day . . . and sometimes the only time I can hear myself think! I love to have my devotions and blog in the early mornings! Need to add exercise . . .

  4. says

    I’ve been an early riser all of my life until the last 2. My neighbor would get up at four, turn on his Christmas tree lights and go back to bed — just so I could enjoy them. I wrote all my books from 4-7 in the mornings so I could be with my kids when they woke up. I love the quiet of the day just waking up. A visit with God starts a day right.
    Pamela recently posted…The Impact of Books

    • says

      Pamela…I love what your neighbor did for you. That is awesome. And yes, time alone with the Lord starts the day right. Thank you for stopping by. :-)

  5. says

    Good morning! Here’s hoping you had a most splendid weekend. We wanted to say hello and thank you for hosting another fabulous party.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Denise W. & Aubrie B.
    BeBetsy recently posted…Chic and Cool!

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