Monday’s Musings #203 & Taking Notes In Church

Monday's Musings #203 & Taking Notes In Church | What Joy Is Mine

It is my opinion that it’s worth the effort to take notes in church when listening to the pastor preach and teach. I am a note taker and I find that it is blesses me in more ways than one.

First, I have it on paper what was taught. Which means I can go back to it at any time for review and encouragement. I do revisit my notes from time to time.

Second, I pay better attention if I’m taking notes on the sermon being given. Not only am I saving what I’m hearing but I am less distracted when writing. I’m more focused on what’s being taught.

Thirdly, taking notes in church really nails it to the walls of my heart. There is something about writing it down that helps me grasp what is being taught and remember it later.

When taking notes, it doesn’t have to be fancy or long sentences. It’s just important to get the gist of what is being taught down. Write down key words with brief definitions, short but to the point sentences and verse references. I don’t usually have time to write down whole verses so scripture references are easier. Plus, they make you look them up in your Bible later.

In addition, drawings are good, too. I’m not a great artist but I can draw stick people or the cross, for example. It’s not for others to see anyways so add drawings where you can if you choose.

So, do you take notes in church? How does it benefit you?

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      Lori…I haven’t moved to using my phone yet but I may have to check it out. I’m still old school. ;-) Thank you, Lori, for visiting. Have a wonderful week. :-)

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      Aimee…20 years? That’s so awesome! I think mine go back like 15 years. And I agree that they are so worth keeping. Always enjoy having you here. Blessings. :-)

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      Debbie…I love that your church encourages taking notes by supplying an outline to follow. I retain more as well when I write it out. I loved having your share. Blessings. :-)

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    Naomi, I take notes in church as well but I’m trying to find a good balance with that in regards to keeping up with all my message outlines. My church hands us one but sometimes I find I stockpile them and don’t go back to look over the notes I take! Still working on that.
    Crystal recently posted…When You Feel Discouraged

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      Crystal…I keep my notes in a regular notebook so they’re all in one place. Maybe that might work for you? :-) Always love having you visit. Blessings. :-)

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    Hi Naomi!
    I am definitely a notetaker for all the reasons you state! Recently, I have begun taking them on my iPad Evernote app so I can also make a file of the very best stuff on my computer to access. I love writing on paper as well, but sometimes I stick the notes in a file somewhere and then could not recall where that one thought, concept, or revelation was. Thanks for making a point of sharing this as well as creating this linkup every Monday. You’re a part of every Monday morning for me!
    Love and blessings,
    Pam recently posted…And Then There Was Love

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      Pam…I love that you create files on your iPad. Good idea to keep them organized. If I ever get an iPad, I will have to think about this idea. Thank you for sharing that. Wishing you a wonderful week. :-)

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    I often take notes in church, too. However, I only sometimes refer back to them – isn’t that odd? The reason I find it helpful for me, is that when I write down what I am hearing (or at least the key points) it helps to solidify the message within me. I am able to remember things when I write them down (even when I don’t look at them again). Writing helps me to sort out my thoughts, which is one of the reasons I blog!

    Thanks for the link up today!

    Blessings, Joan
    Joan recently posted…Thank You for Sharing! {And Sharing His Beauty Link-Up}

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      Joan…I agree that taking notes solidifies (as you state) the message being taught. Even if you don’t revisit them later, you are retaining them still. That’s what matters. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a fabulous week. :-)

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    Naomi! I did not grow up taking notes, but have become a fan more recently. I don’t do it every week, but when a message really hits home, I pull out the pen and start writing. I like to use the bulletin so I can see what hymns we sang and which verses were read for future reference, too! Great post! Thank you!
    Liz recently posted…With Reckless Abandon…

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      Liz…I love how you do your notes. Keeping a note of the hymns is awesome! I never thought about that but may have to do as you. Thank you for passing that on. :-)

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    I love taking notes in church. I was just thinking yesterday how I need to get another journal so I may have my notes more organized. Right now I’m using scrap sheets of paper that I find :) I don’t always get to take notes because of our 2 year old. She is getting better about keeping herself busy so I have been able to take more notes lately. Thank you for hosting this linkup!

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      Renee…Yes, get a notebook/journal. I think its a great way to keep them all in one location so you can look at them later on. And I’m happy to hear you’re able to take notes because baby girl is learning to sit in church. That’s wonderful! Have a fabulous week. :-)

  6. Kaytee says

    I once told Adam that his sermon was really important to me and that I found los of stuff in it I really wanted to remember, so I took for pages of notes that day. He told me that maybe we’re not appear to take notes in sermons and that maybe they are just meant for the one moment in our lives that it speaks to us. I don’t think that’s true, but tight it was funny because that’s whose sermons you are taking notes on!

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      Kaytee…That’s an interesting thought from Adam. I never thought of sermons being one time lessons but maybe for some it is. :-) I guess, for me, I like being able to go back and look over what I learned. Sometimes they tie into a bible study I’m doing at home. :-) So grateful you shared my friend. Blessings. :-)

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      Jed…I once stopped doing it, too. However, I am back to it and grateful for it. I hope it is something you pick up once again. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend. :-)

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      Gwen…Little thing about that notebook in the picture, it’s not mine. Mine doesn’t look that nice either. :-o I think whatever works is what you should go with. Mine is just a simple little notebook, nothing special. However, what we keep inside is what matters. Wishing you a great weekend. :-)

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