About Me

My name is Trisha and I dedicate this website to mothers and potential mothers who are looking for ways to deal with the pressure of motherhood. Rarely do mothers prepare their young daughters for motherhood leaving them overwhelmed when the time comes. My mother did not give me a hint too and when I had my first baby I was overwhelmed by the experience. It took the loving care of my husband to help me live above the trauma. I want to make the experience different for potential, mothers and young mothers by giving them the necessary tips and insights on the challenges of motherhood.

My Belief

One of the hardest challenges mothers face in our modern society is balancing motherhood with their career. Some mothers struggle to meet up with the challenges but fail in one of them in favor of the other. Inasmuch as finding this balance is difficult, I believe it is not impossible for any mother to find the balance because somehow we have been wired to multitask better than men. What very mother need is a good tip upfront as well as tutorials on how to get organized and they will be able to balance motherhood and their career.

I also believe that many women stop making effort to keep themselves attractive immediately after marriage. They start putting on clothes that are distasteful making their husbands look at other women that can satisfy their visual senses. If only women know the importance of keeping themselves looking attractive for their husbands, they will not stop putting in the little efforts.

For every successful marriage, there are usually more than a thousand that didn’t meet a blissful end. There is no doubting it that women suffer the most from heartbreak.I believe the negative impact of heartbreak can be reduced if women are properly educated on how to go about it. Women are sometimes overwhelmed by their emotions and say things that they don’t mean which may threaten their relationship. I believe it is not a crime for a woman to do everything within her power to save her relationship and I have taken up the responsibility to tell them how to go about it.

My Vision

I envision a world where women will not go into motherhood because of societal pressure but because they fully understand what motherhood entails.

My Mission

I am committed to helping women deal with a wide variety of problems from relationship to preparing for motherhood. A lot of women are preparing to have a child but they know nothing about postpartum tearing. I am committed to helping women surmount these challenges through mass education and inspiring the current generation of mothers to do more in preparing their daughters for motherhood.

I also have the responsibility of helping mothers understand the changes that happen to their body during pregnancy and the different techniques they can use to lose some of the weight gained during pregnancy.

Women often dress in exotic wears when they are single but the moment they get married they stop putting on those classic dresses that make them attractive to men. I accept the challenge of helping women to understand why it is important to stay fashionable after marriage. The journey of trying to change the mindset of women is not going to be easy but I believe I have to play my part through advocacy.

The Future

The general knowledge is that women who reach out to men are considered cheap. I don’t think that’s true. When a woman admires a man, she should have the choice to express her feelings too without feeling she is cheap or has lost her dignity.

A lot of women are lost in the labor room not because they didn’t get the right healthcare but because they were not psychologically ready for the pain of childbearing and postpartum tearing. I strongly believe that we would lose less of our mothers if they truly understand what childbearing truly mean.

I look forward to a future where women will help each other to ease their pain either as singles or as mothers. I also look forward to a future where mothers will prepare their daughters better for motherhood.