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For every successful marriage, there are usually more than a thousand that didn’t meet a blissful end. There is no doubting it that women suffer the most from heartbreak.I believe the negative impact of heartbreak can be reduced if women are properly educated on how to go about it. Women are sometimes overwhelmed by their emotions and say things that they don’t mean which may threaten their relationship.

New Born Care

One of the hardest challenges mothers face in our modern society is balancing motherhood with their career.

The Truth About Postpartum Laceration

Stitching Up Process

A third or fourth-degree tear will need to be stitched up by a senior obstetrician.Sometimes the tearing may extend to the bowel in the fourth degree tearing and the obstetrician will need help froma bowel (colorectal surgeon)expert to perform the repair. Peradventure you gave birth at home.

Experience In The Labor Room

The sensation of childbirth was similar to having the biggest poo of my life. I have been pushing for almost thirty minutes and I could literarily feel all the strength in me drain. Each spasm came with a sharp pain and a wave of contraction that made me feel I was close to delivery but nothing at the end of it.

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If these thoughts keep you up at night, know that you are not alone. You can contact me today to help you find answers to some of the questions pertaining to motherhood.

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