Why It Is Important To Stay Fashionable: I Seduce My Husband Everyday?

When I was much younger, I used to be caught up in the debate, “Who do women dress up for; themselves, to impress men or to oppress other women?” Many years down the line, sitting beside my husband and trying to focus over the loud chattering of my kids, I no longer see a need for debate in that question because the answer is glaring; the majority of women dress to impress men.

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I still find it difficult picking the right dress and doing my makeup properly whenever I am to go out for a dinner with my husband. I am often caught up between thinking that I am overdoing my makeup or underdoing them—I always want my dressing to be perfect.

Being a wife and mother is a difficult task but throwing in a career can definitely give you more to worry about than fashion. When I look at other married women, I often get chills at how shabby they dress or how their hair is unkempt or at how their faces are looking deprived of makeup. I guess they are trying to dress ‘like a wife’. I quite agree with Kate Moss that dressing like a wife may cost you your husband. I seduce my husband every day with my dressing, if for anything, I want to fill his mind with my luscious body so there will be less space for him to stare at a random chick down the street.

Many wives adopt the uniform of shapeless tops and tracksuit bottoms because they no longer have to bother about scaring aware guys.

I think this act of looking good is a trait handed to me by my mother and I am grateful for it. Inasmuch as she was a busy professional, she never appeared for dinner without her heels and sexy skirt. She exercises daily and visits the salon weekly. From my mom, I learned that marriage takes effort especially in the aspect of looking good.

What Influences The Dressing Of Women?

Dress that you can used for your dinner date

Contrary to the assertion that women dress for other people, some professionals agree the way a woman dresses has to do with something as complicated as feeling rather than men. It is this feeling that leads to a drastic change of style after marriage. Notwithstanding, a lot of women agree that they tend to dress uncomfortably when they are going to meet a guy but would prefer to keep it simple when they are dressing for themselves or for other women.

The problem I have with many women is that they don’t even know the dressing that appeals to their husband.

For example, I love vintage dresses because they help e to express my inner artistry but my husband is not a fan of that. He prefers floral and soft color on me and literary grabs me off the ground each time he sees that on me—and I always use dressing to my advantage.

Fashion Ideas You Can Wear At Home

Falling from the beautiful goddess that everyone admires on your wedding day to the hag that no one wants to associate with can be frustrating for men too. If it seems your husband has stopped caring, there is a huge chance that the problem is from your dressing. Here are fashion tips I would recommend you wear at home to get your husband back.


Tunic Dress

Fashion trends continue to change rapidly but tunics always look fashionable. You can rock it in different ways, with digital or floral prints, with leggings cigarette pants or with embellished patterns. You can even rock it to social gatherings or movies and look impressive.

Seamless Skirts

Seamless Skirts

Skirts are simple yet give a flattery look on women. You can put on a skirt in front of your in-laws without attracting a backlash. Skirts come in different designs and colors and go well with a wide variety of tops. You can tie a scarf around your neck to remind your husband you are still that sexy chick he fell in love with.



When the kids are not around or have gone to bed, there is nothing wrong with walking around the room in lingerie and driving him mad with your curves.

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