My Secret To Winning A Man’s Love Back After A Misunderstanding

Girls have a tendency to overreact when they are angry even when they have the majority of the fault. Men can also get rude and say what they don’t mean but it’s hard to tell the difference for women. Relationships have their ups and downs and rarely will you find anyone that is a smooth sail.

Couple having fight

I remember when my husband and I were still dating, there was a day I missed his call and forgot to call back. He confronted me in a way I felt was rude and I lost my temper. He grew cold on me and for a few days, none of us spoke to the other. The days of silence hurt me like heartbreak. I began to feel guilty of my action and started looking for ways to make things right but the problem was that I was unsure of what I could do right.

There are steps I would recommend for any woman who is going through a difficult time with her partner especially when she is the cause of the misunderstanding. Even if you think your man is wrong but don’t want to lose him, there is a way you can go about it without losing your dignity.

Take Your Time To Reflect

Best place for reflection is at the beach

Before you even think about winning your man back it is best to sit back and reflect on what went wrong in the first place. Give the relationship more than a few days to get over your ego and emotions. Ask yourself if that is the first time that such a misunderstanding has come up or if it is a reoccurring episode. Do you consider your partner someone that you can spend the rest of your life with? If you are not looking at a bigger picture, there may be no point going through the stress of winning him back. There is a popular saying that, “When you go back with someone, you find out within days why you left in the first place”. You don’t want to feel worse a few days after winning him back, do you?

Don’t Sound Too Desperate

Getting too emotional to the point of falling on your knees to beg—when it was not your fault—will only make you appear desperate.

One thing I have learned from my many years of marriage is that men detest desperate women. This gesture may be validating for a woman but it is a huge turnoff for men. It’s OK to say “I am sorry” but give him time to reflect on whether to forgive you or not.

Talk it over

Couple talking to each other to meddle their differences

After at least two weeks of giving him space, you can initiate communication if he hasn’t to see if he has forgiven you. Peradventure he has gotten over the past incidence, arrange a date where both of you can meet and talk things over. Make plans ahead of what you want to say so that you don’t end up gawking at him. Find out what went wrong in the relationship and how you can forge a better future.

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