Preparing For Motherhood: Everything Your Mother Never Told You

It was joy in our house when my mom gave birth to my kid brother. He cried a lot and my mom would have to stay up most nights to breastfeed him. Growing up I always looked forward to having my own children but I never thought it necessary to ask my mother what it takes to be a mother or how I could prepare for the experience. All my thinking was that women come equipped with natural motherhood skills.

Mother and daughter bonding

Now a mother of three lovely children, the first thing that I learned was the importance of having the support of your partner especially during the early motherhood days. As an aspiring mother, you can decide to dive into the ocean of motherhood and face any uncertainty that may lie on the way or you may decide to get a few tips that can make the journey lighter. If you belong to the latter category I urge you to read on.

Breastfeeding Is Tough

Breastfeeding is best for babies

The first pressure you will feel as a mother is on your breasts. You will have to breastfeed your child as often as required every day. Your back and neck will likely ache that you may be asking if women have been doing this for thousands of years. Prepare to grab any opportunity you can get to sleep because you won’t be having much of it before the baby is crying for another round of breastfeeding. The loss of sleep will definitely show on your face. If you don’t want people talking about your puffy face, perfect simple makeup routines that would make you look like you sleep regularly.

Perfect The Use Of One Hand

From peeling boiled eggs to brushing your teeth to eating to texting or holding a book, you have to learn to do your routines with one hand. You really don’t have a choice on this one because you will be holding your baby in one hand most of the time. When it seems difficult like peeling a carrot, seek the support of your partner to take care of the baby while you complete your task. This is the more reason why you need a very supportive partner.

Your Baby Will Hurt You

Mother is still smiling even if her daughter pull her hair

Your baby will hurt you in many ways; from pulling hard at your hair to scratching your shoulders and arms with their fingers that are almost impossible to cut to biting at your nipples. You have to learn to laugh when your baby hurts you even if the pain is excruciating because they never really intend to hurt you. You don’t stop breastfeeding your baby because they bit your nipples.

You Will Always Be Scared

From conception to adulthood, you will perpetually be scared for your children. Infants fall sick a lot and you will lose sleep from thinking about their safety. When visitors visit and hold your baby you have to fight the fear that they may harm your child. You will need the help of others but you have to first of all fight your fears to let them help you.

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