How I Balance My Career With Motherhood Duties?

Being a mother is hard work already but throwing in a career into the picture can leave you in disarray. With pressures coming from both ends, it is often difficult for a mother to maintain her work-life balance. It is easy to feel guilty when things are not falling in place. Understand that every day is a learning process because no day will be like the previous one.

A working mother can be compared to someone working two contrasting jobs at the same time and expected to do them perfectly. I often find myself asking the question, “Which is more important; motherhood or career?” From taking care of aging parents or children to staying in tune with your career, the goal should be to stay organized and these tips have helped me to weather the storm.

Stop Comparing Yourself With Other Moms

Hand on Mom is teaching her little girl

It is almost hard not to compare your schedule with that of other moms especially those who you think have a freer schedule than you. I find myself unconsciously wishing that I was like this friend or that who gets help from another family member. What I learned is that comparison doesn’t solve any problem; it will leave you feeling depressed all the time and rob you the joy of motherhood.

Get Someone To Take Care Of Your Child

Worrying about your children when you are away in the office can leave your distracted throughout the day. Make sure the person you are leaving with your children is competent. I conducted rigorous exercises and did a lot of background checks before I hired my caregiver. If possible, look for recommendations. You need that assurance that your children are in competent hands to be able to perform optimally in your workplace. One thing I would advise is that you should never substitute a mother’s love with that of a caregiver. Your children need ample time with you.

Plan For Important Dates Ahead

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I treat important dates in the office and at home important. I usually mark them on a calendar well ahead of time and discuss them with my kids. If a meeting in the office will keep me away from home till late in the night they will know about it well ahead of time. Likewise, if there is an important event in my family that will keep me away from office any day, I will discuss it with my employer well ahead of time.

Plan For More Than Just A Day

Whether your kids are going to school or not, make it a habit to plan for the next day from the previous night. Pick out the clothes you will wear, plan for breakfast, and pack the kid’s bag. You cannot always trust yourself to wake up early. Planning ahead will help to ease the stress and the rush that you would have felt on the days that you fail to wake up early. However, when I plan for days ahead, I make room for eventualities. This helps me to avoid panicking when things fail to go as planned.

Pick Out The Right Partner

Bonding time with Daddy

Parenting requires some kind of partnership. Having the right partner(s) around can ease a lot of stress for you.  For example, before we had our first daughter, my husband and I sat down and looked at our schedule to find gaps to enable us to determine who will be more in charge of our girl’s activities.If you are a single mother, you can look towards your family or friends for such sort of partnership. Never try to go it alone or you risk failing on both ends.

Give Yourself A Break

Beauty treat for a busy Mom

You should learn to say no more often. Resist the pressure to work extra hours after your days’ work is completed. You need to be in a perfect physical and mental state to provide better care for your children. I usually create time out of my busy schedule to take myself out and get rejuvenated in the process.

Talk With Your Employer

Your career may never go beyond your nose without reaching an agreement with your employer. I will advise you do a good research on the company policy and laws to know your entitlement.

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